Have you ever thought, it would be interesting to send messages/replies to your friends in special secret language?

Did you get bored of talking in same language daily? Want to try new language? Send secret messages to your

friends/colleagues in Akila'ize language. Tools present in this site can help you communicate over Akila'ize Language.

Why the name Akila'ize? How the name?

Akila'ize is a new Cryptographic Language. Akila'ization is derived from name of an inspiring women, "Akila". In

 Egyptian language, "Akila" means "Intelligent". Akila'ization is encoding message in an intelligent way using the

letters "A k i l a". De-Akila'ization is interpreting/decoding Akila'ized message.

Interested in knowing more about the Magical word "Akila"? [Click Here]

Just remove first letter from any Akila'ized message and De-Akila'ize it, you'll see the Magical Words appearing... :)

Findout How it works?

Start sending messages to friends in Akila'ize...

Did you try "Akila'ize Tanslator"?

Did you get any message in Akila'ize language? Decode the message..Just De-Akila'ize !t

Akila'ize GChat IM


Message to be De-Akilaized  
Did you receive message in Akilaize Language? Just paste it here and DeAkila'ize !t
  Word Convertor
  Enter regular English word and convert into Akila'ize Language word:
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Want to send message in Akila'ize Language? Just type the message below and Akila'ize !t
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and find the related English word:

           Actual English Word:

Akila'ize Translator

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More languages coming soon...
Send Email to friend in Akila'ize Language

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How it works?
Akila’ize GChat IM - Chat Client


Akila’ize GChat IM is a free Instant Massager Chat client like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger and IBM SameTime for Windows. Akila’ize GChat IM allows you to converse with your friends in Akila’ize Language. It is an alternative to Google Talk.

Start sending messages in Akila’ize Language to your Google talk/Gmail friends and have fun

Speaks out your conversation (Text to speech conversion – Enable/Disable anytime)

Simple and Lite weight application

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